AB 885 - Septic System Regulations for CA (2012)

At the same time, then Assembly-member Hannah-Beth Jackson brought $2 million in to the County for septic work. She also authored AB 885 for the regulation of all septic systems in the State of California. Even though the bill passed in 2000, the numerous environmmetal health officers within the State, meeting in Sacramento, could not agree on language for the regulations under the bill. HTO attended numerous public hearings and meetings in Sacramento to seek common ground that would work for all.

Finally, in 2011 Heal the Ocean and Heal the Bay, Santa Monica, filed a “friendly lawsuit” vs. the State Water Board in to move the process forward on the development of standards. After many trips by Exec. Director Hillary Hauser, AB 885 regulations were adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board on June 19, 2012.