... And Moving Forward into 2018

Photo (c) Patreon

Photo (c) Patreon

Dear HTO Supporters:
As we wind down the last days of 2017, all of us at Heal the Ocean are looking forward to what's over the horizon. Beginning in January 2018, we have great new victories coming your way, including:

  • The capping of the onshore Becker Well on Summerland Beach.State Lands officials communicated with us over the holidays some construction details they mapped out in December - with the actual work to start in JANUARY 2018!
  • Capping of offshore/underwater wells off Summerland Beach. In 2017, the Aqueos aerial survey identified 4 specific offshore wells leaking into the ocean. In 2018, Aqueos will launch its underwater survey of those sites, to work up a construction plan for the State Lands Commission to cap the wells.
  • Multi-million dollar state grant for the 450+ homes in the West Santa Ynez septic-to-sewer project. HTO has hired Dudek Environmental to get a Proposition 1 Groundwater grant for this important project, which is called for under the County's Local Area Management Program (LAMP) that regulates septic system impacts on groundwater. Our purpose is to help the homeowners financially.
  • HTO/RWQCB groundwater study wrap-up. HTO has a paid intern working at the Regional Water Quality Control Board to organize into electronic form the water quality data for all groundwater basins in Santa Barbara County. This study is expected to be finalized in January or February, 2018, and will pinpoint groundwater basins that need immediate relief from septic and other pollution sources.

ALL OF THESE PROJECTS ARE BEING PAID FOR BY YOUR WONDERFUL DONATIONS! As one HTO Board member has noted, our payment to a consultant to achieve a multi-million dollar grant represents a "1000% return on the money invested in the consultant."

There are a few days left in 2017 to donate to Heal the Ocean, and we hope you will take this opportunity to jump aboard as we sail into 2018.

Thank you and we wish you all a peaceful, happy New Year!