Summerland Beach, Photo by Heather Hudson

Summerland Beach, Photo by Heather Hudson

Dear HTO Supporters:
For more than a week, we have watched aghast at the devastation of the fires that have destroyed home and property across Southern California. We have heard from friends in San Diego who have lost their homes, and from friends and loved ones who remained hunkered down for over a week, ready to evacuate the Skirball Fire in West Los Angeles/Brentwood area at a moment’s notice.

And now we are in the middle of the Thomas Fire that still rages in Santa Barbara County. After carving a path of horror through Ventura, this fire has been breathing a horrific, relentless path of destruction on us all in Santa Barbara. Day and night we watch our brave firefighters pushing back this inferno with a line of fire visible at night in the mountains of Santa Barbara. We wait and we watch and we pray for these brave warriors, that they remain strong and safe. We pray for the animals who depend on humans for rescue. We mourn the devastation and loss. We look at this photograph of the ocean, taken by HTO board member Heather Hudson at Summerland Beach, and it is a powerfully sad picture of Nature in pain. We pray for Her ability to survive and repair. To this end, Heal the Ocean stays at the ready, to help.

We wish peace, safety and healing to everyone.

With love from All of Us at Heal the Ocean.