November 2016 - Al Gore letter, NRDC on Environmental Policy

To Our Members:

With the recent Presidential Election shifting the working environmental landscape, we want to keep you updated more than once a month with the news we’re getting, the meetings we’re participating in. There is already encouraging news about the planning already being done by environmental groups working under the new Administration. We hope you find the reports as positive as we have. There is LOTS of work to do, but click on the links below to read what is being said/planned/done to preserve what we have fought for. It will make your heart smile. Check back often, we will be reporting as often as daily.

The day after the election, HTO Board member Charles Vinick sent us the public message of Al Gore, founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, stating his intentions to work with the new administration. CLICK HERE to read Al Gore’s statement.

Also, Policy Associate Alex Bennett participated in a nationwide teleconference hosted by the NRDC. In short, the NRDC plans to work with the new President, as it has in past with “any Republican president. i.e. George Bush, to safeguard environmental progress. The new administration cannot easily undo progress already made, such as leaving the Paris Accord or altering the Clean Power Plan or Clean Water Act. It can take years to undo such agreements and policies. CLICK HERE to read Alex Bennett’s memo on the Wednesday 11/9/2016 NRDC telephone roundtable

While we’re all working together for the ocean, let’s be sure the enjoy it! Our rallying cry will always be,Surf's Up!

Once again, with gratitude from all of us at Heal the Ocean,

Hillary Hauser, Executive Director