Assembly Bill No. 885

HTO was instrumental in getting AB 885- septic system regulations for California – off the shelf and into action by joining with Heal the Bay in filing a “friendly” lawsuit vs. the State Water Resources Control Board – to formulate regulations under the law. HTO traveled to Sacromento for over a year, joining with EHS directors from around the state to work on language for this law, and mediating between factions that might have erupted into a fight and had the the thing on the shelf again.

As written AB 885 made provisions for the formation of Local Area Management Plans (LAMPs) for regulating septic systems within individual counties. HTO took a seat pm the SBN County Environmental Health Services steering committee which worked over a year to formulate the provisions of the LAMP (before the LAMP was ratified, HTO met with the Regional Board on a number of occasions to toughen up the language).